Economic measures in labor matters

At the end of the fourth week of quarantine, the National Executive extended the Decree of State of Emergency, which does not include new economic measures in the labor area to help surpass the crisis caused by the pandemic.

It is undeniable that the application of prevention measures on a larger scale is a positive fact; but there is something else to consider, the policies will be contingent on the results that are obtained.

To this date, we only have an employment stay that was already in place, and the payment of a “Stay at Home bonus”, which has not yet been collected by some workers, and which is not enough to buy more than 4 products from the basic basket.

These decisions cause even more concern, when our labor legal system states that a work suspension that cannot exceed 60 days, then the question that arises is what will happen to the work suspension established in the LOTTT, after said period?

On this occasion, we take the liberty of bringing up the economic measures implemented by some Latin American countries, in relation to the labor issue, being as it is a critical issue and one of priority in the entire world; since if the worker and its family have no way of surviving, other socio-economic problems will come.


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