• Regimen Administrativo de la Navegacion(por Aurelio Fernandez-Concheso) 
    A comprehensive study of the main rules that govern the vessel, its crew and its owner in their interaction with the State and to operate in compliance with the corresponding maritime regulations.

  • Ley Organica de los Espacios Acuaticos e Insulares (por Aurelio Fernandez-Concheso)
    A general analysis of the main principles and rules of this legal instrument, which constitutes the backbone of Venezuelan aquatic legislation and a new form of legislative manifestation in the structure of Venezuelan Maritime Law.

  • El Procedimiento Maritimo Venezolano (por Aurelio Fernandez-Concheso)
    A study of the Procedure followed in maritime cases before the Courts of the aquatic jurisdiction from the beginning of the action to its conclusion, with the final ruling, as well as all incidents and resources as well as the methods of proof of this very special procedure.

  • Estudios de Derecho Maritimo en homenaje a Aurelio Fernandez-Concheso
    A study by prominent authors of Venezuelan, Latin American and world maritime law on different topics of current interest in Maritime Law.